36 Days of Type 2021

Personal Project

This was my first time taking part in the 36 Days of Type, it’s a great opportunity to use all your creative skills designing a letter or number per day.

For the ones who don’t know the initiative:
36 Days of Type is a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.
A yearly open call exploring the creative boundaries of letterforms, where participants are challenged to design a letter or number each day for 36 consecutive days. More info here.

I made a mix of different techniques for the letters and I really enjoyed it, I tried new things and learnt new skills on the way, next year I’ll probably go for a series because I also enjoyed making the numbers that way.
You can see all of them also on my Instagram: https://lnkd.in/ebJdnS5