Leiden’s gift box

Personal project

For this project, I used the beautiful city of Leiden, The Netherlands, as the inspiration source. I’ve been living here for four years and a half, so now I know a bit of it 🙂
Leiden is full of canals, brick pavement, cobblestones, gorgeous old buildings and lots of water everywhere!
So for my references, I took: the brick pavement, the red key that is the city symbol, the herring and the tulip.

After doing research and a lot of sketches, I ended up using the herring and the tulip together as I found that they worked together beautifully, and somehow I also used a sort of distribution/organisation of the red brick pavement. 
I also used the colours I see the most in the city, including Leiden’s red, and I think they give the city’s ambience to the design.
The gift box consists of a coaster, a notebook, a pencil case and a tea box.